Tim Walker's Fantasy World

I was first introduced to fashion photographer Tim Walker's work in a feature section in Vogue a few years back. His airy, unconventionally whimsical pictures were enthralling. His photographs evoke the kind of magical dream world that I sometimes fantasize about where I live in an abandoned manor in the south of france surrounded by aquamarine and violet cats, have decadent tea parties with apple tarts and salt-water taffy sandwiches, and take sunset boat rides in a lake full of swans and wildflowers. Tim Walker's photographs almost make these dreams into a reality. 


Ruffled Reptile Print

I have a penchant for patterned skirts, so when I found this amazing reptilian printed pair by Zadig&Voltaire (on sale, might I add) I had to get it! I wore this outfit to school today (Minus the crossbody bag, of course). The look proved to be perfect for the chilly morning and the warmer afternoon. Because most of the outfit was so neutral colored, I decided to give it a pop of color in the red flats. Et voilá! Here is the finished look: 

Sweater: American Apparel
Shoes: Steve Madden
Skirt: Zadig&Voltaire
Bag: Marc Jacobs


Lilac Checkers and Tie-Dye Supergas

I've been a fan of superga sneakers for a long time, and when I heard they were coming out with a tie-dye/ombre line I absolutely had to get one! I picked up this pair in a beautiful lilac and navy blue wash and decided to build an entire outfit with the shoes as the starting piece. The finished look is perfect for a chilly spring day!

A fun nail color (here I used Dior's 'Violet Graphique') and bright jewelry can help brighten up an otherwise darker outfit. 

And of course, I found a twirling shot an absolute necessity.

Shoes: Superga
Skirt: H&M
Checkered Top: Unknown
Pullover: Madewell
Purse: Brandy Melville
Rings/Bracelets: All Madewell 


Electric Blue Sequins and Lace Shorts


If you ask any one of my friends they can tell you how obsessed I am with the french brands 'Maje' and 'Sandro.' Their clothes masterfully blend classic parisian chic along with fun modern twists. Their new spring lines are no exception. I felt entranced by the color coordinated racks of clothing and had to snap a few pictures of them to share with you guys (How amazing is that studded, ombre fringe bag?) In my search, I happened to come across this one exquisite pair of lace shorts by Sandro that I used as a starting piece for two very different outfits. One more trendy and monotone, the other much more risky and vibrant-- but both equally cute! By the way, I apologize for the horrible quality of these photos! I promise to fix that up next time :)

Without further ado, here we go...

Outfit #1


Top: Maje, Jacket: Maje, Shorts: Sandro

What's spring without a jolt of color? Nothing, at least in my opinion. And this outfit definitely delivers. In addition to such bright, bold colors there is so much play with textures (the silk of the top, the sequins of the jacket and the lace on the shorts) that keep the outfit exciting.

Outfit #2


Top: Sandro, Bottom: Sandro

A trend that's going on this spring that I'm really loving is the idea of 'parallel prints.' Everywhere I go I see matching printed separates; whether it's in the form of sweater and skirt, or pant and shirt, everyone seems to be loving this look! After admiring it for so long I decided to give it a try with this beautiful white lace combo. The matching floral applique on the top and shorts almost make it look as if I'm wearing a romper, yet I can easily wear the pieces separately if I choose.