Japan Trip Day 2- Rainy Day on Cat Street

Day 2 of my Japan Trip spring showers began to really set in. We were feeling rather lazy so instead of going somewhere new, we slept in and lounged around the hotel until lunch time. Although we spent all of the previous day in Harajuku, there was still more that I wanted to see- including the famous Cat Street. Cat Street is a kind of side street off of the main Harajuku road that breaks off into tons of little alleyways and hidden passages where many hidden gems can be found. We were feeling homesick for a little bit of western food so we stopped off at a restaurant called The Great Burger. I had seen it in a video previously (shown below) and it's adorable 60s americana themed interior really intrigued me. As expected, the food was delicious, so if you're ever in Tokyo and craving a piece of home I highly recommend you check it out!

Because of the rain, I opted for a pretty simple look with small japanese pop-culture touches. Both my shirt and beanie make references to the popular Japanese anime cartoons that I love and appreciate so dearly. It wasn't cold enough to wear pants, but I wanted to keep my legs dry so I opted for thick black over the knee socks (a look I saw a lot of in Tokyo!) tucked into my favorite boots. 

The patches on my beanie are taken from this popular 90s anime called 'Creamy Mami'. The show's 20th anniverary was going on so lots of clothing inspired by it were being sold.

Coat: Madewell
Shirt: Madoka Magica character tee
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Steve Madden
Beanie: unknown Harajuku brand 

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